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Why AxisRTC is unique

You have complete privacy

Introducing our seamless user and guest login feature, designed for real-time communication. Whether you’re a registered user or a guest, connecting is as easy as a single click on our website. With customizable roles and permissions, users enjoy tailored access to a range of options.

But here’s the kicker: Our application isn’t confined to one platform. Accessible via app, website, or unique link, communication knows no bounds. Plus, users retain control over their visible data, putting privacy in their hands. Experience communication without limits – join us today.

Universal Connectivity: Seamless Calls Across Any Location and Device

Introducing effortless communication: Real-time interaction for both users and guests. Instantly connect via our website for personalized service support. Our customizable permissions guarantee security, while diverse access options cater to individual preferences. Accessible across devices and locations, ensuring maximum convenience for all. Experience seamless communication like never before – join us today.

You control your data

Discover AxisRTC, where your privacy takes precedence. Unlike other platforms, we adhere to a strict policy: we don’t store any data beyond what you manage in your own application environment. Your personal information stays just that – personal, secure, and confidential.

But what sets us apart? AxisRTC boasts its own data transfer protocol, ensuring unparalleled security and privacy. With us, your information is shielded by cutting-edge technology, safeguarding every interaction.

Our commitment? Ensuring your privacy while providing a seamless, secure user experience. Say goodbye to unnecessary data storage and hello to peace of mind with AxisRTC.

Efficient Connectivity: Low Data Consumption

Discover a cutting-edge all-in-one communication platform designed to redefine your digital interactions. With top-tier security and privacy standards, minimal data usage, and the freedom of unlimited user access and room creation, our solution offers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. Experience seamless communication without compromise – join us in shaping the future of connectivity.

You're shielded from spam and misuse

Rest assured, your data is safe with us. We don’t store any data transmitted through our platform, guaranteeing that it can’t be misused. Our top priority is the privacy and security of our users, and our commitment to not storing transmitted data reinforces this promise. Your peace of mind is our priority.


E2E-encrypted messages

E2E-encrypted voice messages

Disappearing messages

E2E-encrypted audio and video calls

E2E-encrypted decentralized groups 

Incognito mode —
unique AxisRTC

AxisRTC Network

AxisRTC provides the best privacy by combining the advantages of P2P and federated networks.

Unlike P2P networks

Our platform uses a custom security protocol to provide secure peer-to-peer (P2P) connections, generating a unique link for each account for optimal security and privacy.

Unlike federated networks

Our platform creates a secure environment for communication where administrators have control over communication flows and can manage user access by granting permission.

AxisRTC network

Within the AxisRTC network, everyone is securely accessible at all times, allowing real-time online communication.

AxisRTC protocols 

AxisRTC benefits

Introducing our 24/7 Real-time Communication system accessible via website and IoT devices. Enjoy unlimited logins, virtual departments, and seamless scheduling for meetings. Guests are efficiently directed to relevant colleagues, with administrators controlling camera and speech settings. Instant calls, private messaging, and secure, password-protected rooms ensure efficient and cost-effective communication.

Ready to use AxisRTC?

“Elevate Communication with AxisRTC: 24/7 real-time connectivity via web and IoT. Unlimited logins, virtual departments, and easy meeting scheduling. Customizable controls, instant calls, secure rooms. Efficient and cost-effective.”